Friday, 13 June 2014

Redesigning Ship Mastery into Legacy Ship Mastery

I'd love to see them make Ship Mastery more useful and desireable.

Concept 1: Make a Legacy Unlock window, with all the ships lined up and every ship mastered giving x% bonus to your total ship requisition - legacy wide.

Perhaps they could lower the Mastery bonus to <5% but let it stack per ship unlocked total.
With 16 ships unlocked you'd get a 80% Ship Req boost.

Pretty big, but considering you need to farm 16x150k ship req (estimate), this totally evens out and makes decking out all the ships (Imp & Rep) more bareable and enjoyable, and encourages and rewards people to play both sides even more (same as with all the companion unlocks), ensuring more flight hours per player.

Concept 2: also add Cartel Ships into the fold.
This will increase their perceived value and appeal to everyone, this increasing sales (and overall use of the things).

Concept 3:
Borcarbid@Reddit: "Definitly a good idea! I am all for tieing the legacy into GSF as much as possible. But my suggestion would be: If you master a ship, it is unlocked across your legacy (unmastered)."
This would be a great third addition to Legacy Ship mastery.

Concept 4:
Make companion unlocks also count legacy-wide for all your characters co-pilots. After all, they are legacy unlocked right?

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