Saturday, 14 June 2014

Mirror class darkside/lightside skill animations

Have a Light Side Inquisitor use Consular moves. Dark Side Consular use Inquisitor moves.

Valor: Legacy wide

Basically the same as my post about Legacy Social points.

Legacy Maps

Shouldn't need further explanation. Could probably be unlocked via the achievements.

Social Points: Legacy Wide

Make Social Points matter more, and make them legacy wide so people can show their amount of social activity with pride.

Also: reward social points from more group activities like GSF and PVP.

Datacron Vault in your Galactic Stronghold

A Datacron Vault inside your Galactic Stronghold could be made with all your unlocked datacrons.
Should be pretty easy.
Add identical copies (same item ID) of them inside the Stronghold, and they should be uninteractable just like the ones you've already collected - if you haven't touched 'em yet.

Field Cargo Hold Droid

We have field repairs/shop, field mailbox. Time to get a field cargo hold droid out.

Legacy unlock perks for Treek and HK

Presence or some other buff would be appreciated.

Cathar Legacy LVL50 perk?

Why have they not been included and given a small perk for unlocking?

Perhaps a little more presence could be thrown in the mix.

Alternative reputation route for Imperial First Mobile Fleet/Republic Hyperspace Armada

GSF should reward reputation tokens for this reputation as well.
Lorewise you're still working for the faction's fleet.

Another alternative way of fixing this is to allow people to buy Reputation tokens with their Fleet Commendations.

Cartel Items should be Bound to Legacy

The reason I don't bother with Cartel gear is because they aren't Bind to Legacy.

The Reputation Bind to Legacy gear is superior as it allows play with alts, which is one of the key features SWTOR is all about.

The collections way to replicate the gear can still be in, however, it doesn't fix this core problem.

Friday, 13 June 2014

Revamp the Inheretance and Birthright gear

They could have had way more potential and be made way more desirable.
Ideally they should be somewhat like the World of Warcraft heirlooms.
Scales with level. Perhaps be the equivalent of prototype (for Inheretance) or artifact (for Birthright) gear. Or, alternatively, be modifiable and provide a XP bonus.

Character Perks redesign

Plenty of perks make great sense for legacy wide: e.g. the repair and mail droid.

Other perks feel underwhelming.
The experience perks should be way higher.
Allowing one to get +100% XP from warzones allows people that want to play Warzones to only play warzones and still have a reasonable leveling rate.
I gave this feedback when the Legacy Perks were still on the PTS but they have gone ignored.

Redesigning Ship Mastery into Legacy Ship Mastery

I'd love to see them make Ship Mastery more useful and desireable.

Concept 1: Make a Legacy Unlock window, with all the ships lined up and every ship mastered giving x% bonus to your total ship requisition - legacy wide.

Perhaps they could lower the Mastery bonus to <5% but let it stack per ship unlocked total.
With 16 ships unlocked you'd get a 80% Ship Req boost.

Pretty big, but considering you need to farm 16x150k ship req (estimate), this totally evens out and makes decking out all the ships (Imp & Rep) more bareable and enjoyable, and encourages and rewards people to play both sides even more (same as with all the companion unlocks), ensuring more flight hours per player.

Concept 2: also add Cartel Ships into the fold.
This will increase their perceived value and appeal to everyone, this increasing sales (and overall use of the things).

Concept 3:
Borcarbid@Reddit: "Definitly a good idea! I am all for tieing the legacy into GSF as much as possible. But my suggestion would be: If you master a ship, it is unlocked across your legacy (unmastered)."
This would be a great third addition to Legacy Ship mastery.

Concept 4:
Make companion unlocks also count legacy-wide for all your characters co-pilots. After all, they are legacy unlocked right?